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Services and Costs


For independent advice and/or referal to safe and respectable/medically supervised treatment centres, as well as the provision for ongoing full psychological and relapse prevention focused aftercare and back up.


For a full comprehensive review, asssessment and consultation:




This will cover all relevant historical aspects, personal history, previous detox success or failures, previous ibogaine detox evaluations, relevant trauma events, psychological personality types, percieved stumbling blocks and risk areas. Will cover also prospects of what is required to make a successful ibogaine detox work, full presentation of the wider picture of what makes drug recovery/trauma recovery work and successful. This is based on unique research with ibogaine and its prognosis profile for drug users in different stages of use/presentation as well as ten years of 1:1 drug rehabilitation psychotherapy and dual diagnosis.







For individual therapy sessions world wide via Skype:

55 Gbp


Sessions are comprehensive indepth psychotherapy, counselling and rehabilitation based. Focused on goal achievement and maintenance of a drug free lifestyle. Works on an organic process of what is relavant to the client and utilises psycho-bio-social and transpersonal approaches as well as psychodynamic models. All focused on the goals that the client wants to achieve.

Sessions are usually once per week or more, depending on requirement at the time. 



Information and discussion will be exchanged by email until it becomes clear a full assesment is desired. 


Please feel free to make contact and discuss what it is you need and what help/advice it is that you require. You will not be charged for this


Do not take risks with your health or the quality of your treatment needs without seeking independent and thorough advice. The success of your treatment is dependent on the quality of your treatment plan and the safety and effectiveness of your detox. NOT ALL TREATMENT PROVIDERS WILL TELL YOU THIS. Be carefull and research online reviews of treatment providers, take your time and know that you are making the right choice for yourself. 

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