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 " I was looking to find out more about iboga, but was confused by the many variables to consider, and the unreliability of some of the sources I was found. I wanted to hear an educated voice, someone who knew not only about Iboga, and Ed does know about that, but also about psychology, trauma and working with people in psychological distress - someone who wasn’t just well intentioned, but had the training to back it up. Ed’s consultation with me over Skype was exactly what I needed. He was able to consider all angles of the issues I came with, some addictive behaviours, anxieties, see them in the frame of my developmental history.


The personal insight that Ed offered me went far beyond what I could have got from clicking around the internet. There’s a breadth to his knowledge that’s deeply reassuring, and pragmatism to his intellect which helped keep our discussions grounded, and in the end allow me to organise my thoughts enough to take my decision not only about iboga, but also other aspects of my life. Even in that one, two- hour session, he helped show me the roots of some of my behaviours, give me a sense of perspective on my own journey thus far, and put iboga in its right place, as a possible tool, a catalyst, and not a magic bullet, for which I’m very grateful. " (London/2016)

"Speaking to Edward Conn has proved helpful after having my Ibogaine experience. It is not only the psychedelic experience that will help resolve psychological issues and well being, but being able to materialise and apply the revelations of the experience in one's everyday life that will hopefully resolve one's piece of mind, which is a life long process. I have learned this through having several sessions with Edward, and I have found him to be an intellect I enjoy confiding in with my issues" (SKYPE/Saudi Arabia 2014)

"Edward helped me find clarity among the confusion, he was direct and talked to me in a way I could understand. He gave me what I needed to move forward on an issue.  I did not need session after session, he framed it in as short as time possible, in other words he won't have you paying out more than you need to! I would recommend him and if i need help in the future i will be certainly contacting him." (SKYPE/Scotland 2015)

"I had a pretty hard crisis when my partner left me for a new one, my dog ran away and my health was declining rapidly. All at the same time. I fall in a deep hole of depression and hopelessness. I never imagined that it could go this deep. At this point i needed help. But I refused and began drinking away my problems after a long period of using stimulants and so called designer drugs or new analogues. Months later not much had changed.


I did Ibogaine twice in my depressive time to try and solve my addiction problem. It helped to null the craving for the stimulants I had  been taking. But I fell back because I did not do the follow up. 


I decided to get someone to talk too. My friends and family were not very helpfull dealing with my situation. They are not professionals. What I learned, in serious life crisis you need a pro who is neutral! So I went to the first psychotherapist around the corner. I felt no connection to the guy. I was not sure if he is interested getting me out of the situation.


So I asked a natural doctor if he knows a psychotherapist that knows his stuff and is dedicated to help. This way I got refered to Edward Conn.


After the first session with Ed it was clear that he really wants to help me out out of this miserable situation. What can i say about Ed?


First of all he is flexible and easy to reach no matter where I am via Skype. Fast appointments at short notice too. He charges way less than what I payed to the other guy. Really great is his experience with addiction, women and depression. It helped me alot to get my situation changed so I could fix myself. Thats what i wanted. Get out of the Depression. After approximately 10 Sessions I was over the worst of it. We did a few more and with that found alot what went wrong in the past and what has to be changed in the now. And most importantly make peace with the past and looking forward to a happy future again.


I wished i would got me some help like Ed's earlier. Ed is a real friendly guy, who knows his stuff without being a dry psychotherapist. But just talk to him and you will know. So thank you Ed for you excellent service and fast recovery to anybody who reads this.


I needed a professional psychotherapist like Ed to find the cause for my addictive behavior and to do the changes in my life for good. Without  the follow up in my opinion most Ibogaine treatments are worthless. Together it can do wonders and I want people to know the information about Ibogaine treatments can be misleading." (Skype/Austria 2015)

"I would like to thank you for the hour session I had with you over skype after my Iboga experience. At first I really could not see the benefits of the Iboga treatment, especially where my experience was incredibly traumatic.


But having spoken to you, it helped me to realise why I felt so withdrawn and subdued - that the Iboga was the beginning of my new journey into reforming my life again as a person. I have since decided to leave a business I started with friends that was causing me added stress and anxiety and am now focusing on myself and doing the things that bring me joy inside, like art, yoga and photography -things I've allowed to slip to the wayside because life got in the way. I'm also going to go traveling to focus on my inner emotional and spiritual healing.


I have been able to make these decisions, because you helped me to process mentally what I had gone through and accept that Iboga was not a quick fix, but a catalyst in venturing on a new journey of self awareness and healing and understand now that this is going to take some time.It has been incredibly beneficial having that 1 hour session with you.


I hope you can use the above in some way as a testimonial for your site and that you continue your work in Iboga aftercare." (Skype/London 2015)

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