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Consultation Process - Discovering the Truth.












Knowing what to expect from any form of medicalised treatment is essential to being able to assess it in its entirety. As a 'customer' one needs to know what is involved beyond what is shared in advertising business based websites and non regulated information forums and internet sites where anyone can list themselves.


Ibogaine has become one of those strange attractors which speaks to many people who are seeking resolution to their problems. In the way that it is slickly marketed, it appears to be a panacea for all modern ills from addiction to depression, PTSD and existential loss of lifes meaning. This is a far cry from when and how ibogaine was medically and scientifically proven to reduce opiate withdrawal in dependent users and thus began to emerge as a potential new option for drug users. 


There are now profound claims made about ibogaine and generalised repetition of its benefits that would make anyone think (and many do) that they have discovered the cure to human ennui and mental suffering. 


The truth is less simple, and as someone who has worked on both sides of the fence as an ibogaine practitioner and afterwards as a psychotherapist working with long term addiction and mental health problems, I understand and have seen its limitations. 


I have no direct interest in selling ibogaine or ibogaine treatments and offer independent advice and a behind the scenes view of what and how ibogaine is, how it works and who it works best for. I can also offer proper assessment of alternative options and therapies that are better suited to a persons circumstances or condition. I have professional training in this unlike most untrained ibogaine practitioners who are lay people.


When you have a consultation with me I will discuss all matters in relation to ibogaine and I will:



  • Explain why ibogaine does NOT 'reset the brain' and if it did there would be no lapsing or need for aftercare (which there is!)


  • Discuss what ibogaine as an 'addiction interrupter' actually means in real life circumstances and what you can/will experience genuinely


  • Share who responds best to ibogaine and who responds poorly for opiate detox based on my own published research results and why the prognosis is NOT the same for everyone but depends on using patterns upon presentation


  • Explain what and how ibogaine needs to be used within a comprehensive and flexible care plan and why this is NOT being currently done despite being part of all protocols


  • Discuss why ibogaine is being misused in alcohol treatment without understanding the different types of alcohol dependencies and why this spells trouble


  • Explain fully the psychological risks and experience of 'breaking open the head' and what this actually means, why it is useful for long term opiate addicts and completely different for 'psycho spiritual' reasons


  • Explain why 'psyco spiritual' use of ibogaine is very limited in benefit and how the New Age language involved does more damage than good and suppresses clear thinking and healthy ego expression


  • Share why for 'psycho spiritual' purposes ibogaine is being misused and that people need to realise the effects are IRREVERSIBLE which is not necessarily what they are being told


  • Explain how Neo Shamanic Westernised use of psychotropic plants is having a REGRESSIVE effect on people rather than a PROGRESSIVE one - the 'Pre - Trans Fallacy' 


  • Assess all conditions in a general view of best fit rather than treating all conditions as suitable for ibogaine


  • Give you a professional and objective assessment of your needs based on your unique presentation needs, focusing on what is best for you in a comprehensive approach to your care


  • Explain why there are a great deal of people who's symptoms return shortly after doing an expensive treatment and why this can be more dangerous than having not done ibogaine in the first place


  • Give you the information that the websites do not. Having been involved with ibogaine since 1999 I know the inside track


  • Advise on what is a safe practice and what is not - your health is crucially important


  • Expose the MISTRUTHS which are constantly replayed about the benefits of ibogaine treatment, but are done so by lay practitioners who have very little experience of alternative professional options


  • Give you an honest and eye opening low down on the reality of all and any aspects of ibogaine treatment you need to make an informed and enlightened evaluation fo wether it is right for you or not


  • Full ibogaine treatment is like a serious medical operation - it is an explosion of energy with the mind that goes on for months afterward and will disrupt someones daily lifestyle for potentially months afterward



If you want to explore the REAL truth about what is involved and are seriously considering ibogaine treatment and want independent advice with all the risks and benefits explored contact me and set up an appointment, I am more than happy to share this with people as I have been for years.







Ibogaine is not a suitable treatment for most issues which are not opiate related or related to opiate withdrawal. Ibogaine is not a suitable treatment for depression or anxiety or mental health issues and can make these conditions worse. These need to be assessed appropriately by a independent clinician.

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