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An increasing number of very serious and near fatal reporting of cases of hospitalisation, financial exploitation and neglect of clients is being reported by people going to treatment centres with websites offering ibogaine treatment in Europe.  TRUST THESE PLACES AT YOUR PERIL!! Please read the statement below of someone who trusted a provider and nearly ended up dead:

"I apologise for not listening to you because you were right. My brother nearly died he was rushed to hospital . He was admitted and the doctors were very angry. The clinic were complete cowboys. He has been put on methadone again by the hospital. The other two guys that were at the clinic from Sweden both ended up in hospital as well. You were right these people had no clue they even gave him T.H.C. oil while he was rattling. It's just a house where they can lock you up for 9 days and get you off opiates. No doctor, no medical equipment, no medication. Nothing. They wouldn't let him drink anything saying it will interfere with the ibogaine but when at the hospital the doctors said he is severely dehydrated. They wouldn't let my mum tell the hospital that he had taken ibogaine or anything else. They weren't letting my mum talk to the doctors. Etc... Anyway i have a plan for those lying scum but this was just to update you and to let u know that you were spot on!  Sorry and thank you...."

Detox or Die (2004) - Pioneering Ibogaine Documentary featuring David Graham Scott detoxing from opiates facilitated by Edward Conn.

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